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Ryota Murakami
Ryota Murakami

Hi there, I'm Ryota Murakami who are solo member of organization.
I'm React/node developer currently freelancing.

I'm age 30 today that exactly same to Dan Abramov who is one of the React Core Team guys.

I long for his or React Core Team's top level engineering as a mediocre developer.
I know I'm not talented, not special.

But In the distant future, at the moment of my death, what will I think?
That's what does it mean the Laststance.

I want to say thank you my father he killed himself,
I feel like I have only option to complete it is full commit ahead things that ignite my motivated heat soul, that's Computer, Web Engineering. is place for challenge of becoming a professional engineer until I can say thank you to all my families.