ESLint rule set that integrated prettier as one of ESLint rule and specialized fixable rule set :-)

My TypeScript project's ESLint config.


Vite RTK Query temptelte.

This include React+TS with familiar pre-setup tooling Redux Toolkit, RTK Query, eslint/prettier, jest/TS/react-testing-library/MSW, tailwindcss, GitHub Actions CI.


Just make $ alias for document.querySelector.

While developing Browser Extension, I missed jQuery...


My CRA alternative. ⚛️

This is the official Vite template(npm init vite@latest (npm init vite@latest myapp -- --template react-ts) with the following additional set up.


Micro Blog System for React Developer

The ultimate goal for this project is release it as a personal blog starter kit for React developers like Minimal Wordpress. I'm developping essential feature while my spare time, currenty I planning publish v1 2023 early.


React TypeScript TodoMVC 2022

Keep updating and publish TODO MVC stuff with a modern code style React.